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Did you know that you can enjoy your favorite sporting event, family videos, sitcom or movie in 3D in your living room right now? The world of 3D has evolved from cardboard glasses with blue and red lenses to today's reality of being able to convert 2D content into a 3D experience at the touch of a button!

While a number of 3D movies were box office success stories this year, did you know that many of them were not filmed in 3D, but were converted from 2D film to a 3D experience using advanced software and microprocessors? The same technology used to make these films a gripping 3D experience is available in Samsung 3D-enabled TVs. With a simple push of a button, Samsung's powerful built-in 3D processor seamlessly convert any 2D content and photos to 3D in real-time. It's really that easy. So put on your 3D glasses, gather your family and friends and start experience high resolution and 3 dimensional content!

Samsung's 2D to 3D conversion technology is something you just have to experience up close and personal.

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